flexibility, endurance, strength
goals, strength building, weight management
personal training motivation, technique, results
For physical development and maintenance, we offer specially tailored one-on-one sessions to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, within a fitness facility, in a sporting environment, or amongst the throws of nature.
All sessions will start with active stretching then proceed to enhancing your core, extending limbs and connective joints. Any restrictions or hesitations will be ascertained and addressed to ensure that your physical framework is wholly intact. Whether the workout of the day consists of isotonic, isometric, plyometric, free-weight, or cardio-enriching exercises, all promise to be challenging, informative, and personally suited to address your needs.
the benefits of personal training
• helps manage weight
• uses workout time efficiently
• ensures proper technique and body mechanics
• establishes structural and functional body strength
• motivates and encourages to achieve desired goals
• enables a greater understanding of muscular function
• provides consistent monitoring to ensure effectiveness and progression
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