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At the core of every successful business is the employee. In any and all walks of life, one must be physically well to be optimally productive. With the rising cost of healthcare, matched with an obvious decline in service, one must be as pro-active in one's approach to both fitness and wellness. You see, the healthier an individual, the more productive and consistent they will be. The healthier the employee, the more work, effort, and productivity will be presented. Whether it is an acute or chronic illness, disposition, or affliction, they can all be reduced and hindered if the individual is proactive in their approach to fitness and health.
sessions will be carried out in a one-on-one three-fold manner...
Employees are presented a brief symposium on how they can incorporate fitness and health within their everyday lives, and why it is so very important that they do so. In return for their time, each that wish will receive a private and complimentary 1hr health and fitness assessment to be conducted either at the employee’s place of business or my base of operations.


• enables a greater understanding of muscular function,
greater consistency, effort, and, in-turn, productivity
• lower costs to prevent injury/illness than treating them
• less loss of man hours due to incurred or chronic illness/injury
• less expenditure on health care premiums and WSIB claims
• less expenditure on paid leaves and restorative care
• increased morale, devotion and loyalty

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