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The Alphabet song is commonly known and sung by children worldwide. Reiterated shortly after birth, the catchy melody is programmed into a youngster’s memory. Pretty soon, having to dwell on not much else than keeping tune, out flows the sweet, yet commonly mispronounced letters of the alphabet.

In the nursery school of society, catchy melodies of health, fitness, and various ways to live our lives are likewise imposed. Magazines, billboards, television, and all manner of walking professionals hum the droning tune which ever-so-subtly invades our centres of thought. In return for this continuance, we offer devotion and revere.

But think of just how empowered we would be if those that did for us, also taught us to do for ourselves - decreasing dependency, instilling tools of empowerment…

This is Achieva, an ideal devoted to teaching and motivating individuals to achieve and maintain their optimal level of fitness and wellbeing...

Hi, my name is Anthony. Ever since I was young, I have always been seeking answers to “why”. Afraid and hesitant to ask others, I would find myself trying to read all and everything I could get my hands on to answer these many itching questions. In growing older and sometimes experiencing all the wonderful injuries there were to be had, I developed a keen interest in the muscular-skeletal system and its intricate workings. Later, through many social and professional experiences, it became quite clear to me that individuals coming from of all walks of life were also full of unanswered questions they felt the fitness and medical realms failed to adequately address.

And so that is why I have since dedicated my career to helping others understand the functionality and restorative processes of the body. My goal is to teach and reach as many as I can to achieve their optimal state of fitness and wellness, then go about their day to day activities with as little physical restriction as possible.

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